Through Baby Eyes

Every morning, it’s a whole new world, fresh with possibilities! For some, that’s a literal statement.

This morning, as a cool wind blew through sun-dappled palm fronds in my yard, I held a 10-day-old baby. June, my adorable little neighbor with a fluffy tuff of brown hair and big blue eyes, actually isn’t even the youngest baby on the block. That honor goes to the family that lives in between June and me. They just had a little boy, and I haven’t held him yet.

I still smell that soft baby smell – and I’m not talking about the inevitable stinkiness. A baby, in general, is just a poop machine. And they don’t work for nobody but you. Sorry about the ear worm there.

Am I the only one who thinks maybe I might accidently break the baby? I do not have any babies of

June and me. Note how her cute little leg is dangling awkwardly. Good news! I did not break this baby.
June and me. Note how her cute little leg is dangling awkwardly. Good news! I did not break this baby.

my own, so I have limited experience with holding beings that so small. June’s mama Aubrey says, “You want to hold her?” And of course I do because babies are super-cute and little, and there’s something amazing about life that new.

Do you remember what it’s like to look through the world with a child’s eye? Think of your earliest memory. My grandfather once said that is indicative of your personality. (My aunt wrote an inspiring memoir about my grandfather with his earliest memory as the title.)

No one really remembers what it’s like having a baby mind. (Research says life memories are repressed before age 3, like dropping baby teeth but with memories.) Baby mind probably goes a little like this: Eat! Poop! Sleep! Love me! (and repeat).

Life is so simple! As we grow, things seem to get more difficult. This is on my to-watch list, by the way.

But really, I love the idea of viewing the world like a baby – well, I guess really a child, since I do need to pay rent somehow. In Yoga classes, I love teaching the concept of viewing the world through child’s eyes. This is especially important when you’re attempting difficult new poses, and I refer both to the physically and the mentally difficult asanas. Can you imagine a child saying, “Oh, geez. I can’t walk! No way! I’ll hurt myself!” She’d never learn to walk.

Homework: Ananda balasana

For babies, life is even more simple. Want the answer to the obesity epidemic in our nation? How about recognizing and honoring the physical sensation of “No, thank you. I am no longer hungry”? Imagine if everyone expressed an honest and real need for love. Or even slept as much as their body needed.

Penelope the cat
Penelope the cat

The problem with living the life of a baby is that one is completely dependent on the world to meet one’s needs. Is this good or bad? My cat is fairly dependent on me for love and food, and she sleeps all the time. But Penelope will be the subject of a future blog post.

Author’s Note: I am not a fan of the phrase “fur baby.” That is all.

June sure was cute! I brought over a vegan baked ziti and a couple tie-dyed onesies that my friend Steve made with love. They loved ‘em, Steve! And I’ll visit the other neighbors soon. Plus, congratulations to Melinda and Brandon, other friends who just had their baby this morning! Is there something in the Martin County water table?

So friendly and cuddly -- until you feed him after dark! Evil Dewey!
So friendly and cuddly — until you feed him after dark! Evil Dewey!

Yikes! Can you imagine the crazy world where somehow an evil mastermind could make women get pregnant through the water supply? There goes feminism.

I am old enough that the vast majority of my peers have had their children or are actively having children. And then some of my friends proclaim that they are not “breeders.” I am in limbo in between extremes. I’m, how do you say, practicing.

The other thing that June liked to do? Stare at random things. So chapter 3 of my new book, Living The Baby Way: A guide to the perfect weight, love and healthy bowel movements (Amazon link forthcoming), I guess should focus on being mesmerized.

As I’m writing this, the wind is blowing my bamboo wind chime, and I can’t help but looking out the window for a moment. Indeed, the now is an amazing moment – and my world is full of possibilities. I don’t need to be a baby to recognize that.


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